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Pre-sale of Extinct started

Napalm Records announced pre-sale of Extinct album in several versions with t-shirt and pendant. This collection is including:


Extinct – tracklist and covers

Moonspell had already finished the recording of their new masterpiece called EXTINCT in Fascination Street Studios and produced by Jens Bogren. Release of this album is scheduled to 6th March 2015 via Napalm Records in jewel case edition, Napalm deluxe box, Mediabook and on several LP versions, all with different cover artwork. All versions except...


Recording new album

Moonspell moved on 23rd September to Sweden’s capital city Stockholm where they begin with recording of new album in Fascination Street Studios. The band is working with well known producer Jens Bogren, who participated in the albums of bands like Opeth, Devin Townsend, Kreator, Paradise Lost, Soilwork, Amon Amarth, God Forbid or Dark...


Message from Fernando

Fernando Ribeiro thanking fans, apologizing for cancelled show at Sylak Open Air and announcing a work on new album. (Video has hidden subtitles) Photos from Benavente by Paulo Mendes.Video edited by Dominik Matus.


Blog: The Return

Fernando’s blog post: I don’t remember exactly when but once, during some studio recordings, I picked a U2 biography (called One year and a half in the life of U2) and even tough I am not their biggest fan on Earth, it provided me some cool reading time as well...


Blog: Garden of Hidden

Fernando’s blog post: When we reach Ottawa, Canada’s capitol, for the final run of the tour (tomorrow we wrap it up at Toronto’s Mod Club, which will be already a taste of home, since this club is located near the Portuguese area of the city-Little Portugal-) the Sun is up...


Blog: Rock is dead

Fernando’s blog post: Touring has become a haven of prohibition and rules and we are all to blame for it, fellow touring musicians and concert goers. With a scary percentage of musicians trying to replicate their domestic/borgeouis lifestyle on tour, things have become almost scary with the advent of the...


Blog: Super Bowl

Fernando’s blog post: You feel you are really touring when you start feeling homely feelings in places where you have never been. This is happening to me right now, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have been here playing before. I have even probably this same exact place. But all days...


Blog: No option but Optimism

Fernando’s blog post: I started writing this text under a totally different mindset.I was on the road in Siberia, my survival instinct was sharp, I had beaten my maladies and I was ready for what might come. The lack of sleep, of rest; playing and travelling every day, leaves me,...